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Can not access the Pineapple


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New to the pineapple. I got it and only had a tablet to make sure it fired up. So I did and got as far as assigning a password and viewing the main page. I put it away and now I have a dedicated laptop for it. But I'm having an issue.

I can connect to the WP through wired or wireless but I can not access the main page. I had the sign in window come up a couple of times but will not do anything. Just sits on the page and asks me to sign in again. I've read everything I can find. I tried the next thing I could think of. I tried resetting it with the dip switches to default. Now when I plug in the WP the blue light flash like it's firing up. after 2min all the lights flash. I can still connect but will not communicate same as before. What should or can I do to get this pineapple working?

I'm using windows7 and I've tried looking for the internet connection sharing in the properties of the wifi connection to the pineapple and the setting is not there to share connections. Hint?


The reason we got the pineapple.

We are trying to use the WP to run a private gaming/media network, a town wide lan party. With no speed limits. We have a 3800 foot cliff hovering over town and want to place the pineapple up there. Everyone is within a mile or 2 of the cliff. Aim our yagi's at it. Set it up similar to what Darren did to watch aircraft in the YT instruction video. We can access it anywhere we have a sight line to it.

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I got it. The whole problem is I'm an idiot. This laptop had peer block on it from previous uses. I didn't see that it was running. Once I turned that off everything's good and pineapple works great. Now to figure the rest of it out. thx.

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