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He must make nice money offering services like that to people :B

What makes you say that? It's a useful guide to turn a TP-Link TL-MR3020, a wireless N router with a USB port (which is where the 3G/4G claim comes from: insert USB dongle if you need this) into a hacking tool.

It's a very cheap, compact device that you can flash OpenWRT to, and the guy making the video doesn't receive a dime from your purchase. Maybe something in the videos does that, but I can't be arsed to look right now.

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It's a Mr3020, which the pirate box, minipwner and a few other excellent devices are made of.

The guy makes his money by offering you a sample video then making you pay a subscription to view the rest. Expensive in my book considering the certs he offers are not accredited.

If you're really interested in widy, there is plenty of info on how to make a similar device without having to pay for a subscription, such as the minipwner, and you'll be alot happier with the end result, not to mention it's an excellent learning process rather than someone just pointing at something and telling you to do it.

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