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Glass and the MK5...

WiFi Cowboy

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How kewl would it be if we could make an infusion that would have a glassware interface (Google Glass) so you could see a signal meter of the selected SSID whilst walking around inconspicuously. You could even have a directional antenna in your back pack (or a Yagi up your sleeve) to locate APs.

Just trying to think of ways to use Glass with our favorite fruit. I've installed the Glass SDK on my Kali but I'm no java expert by any means, just a tinkerer.

Anybody else have any ideas?

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That would be pretty interesting would have to get me one of those. Could be walking around seeing mobile devices access points as you walk, drive, or ride. remotely triggering attacks, and viewing results.

Having the Yagi out, and looking like a wifi terminator, or the pie piper of wifi clients.

By the way how many hours can you get with your Glass before recharging?

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Depending on use. But if I just use it modestly, i'd say 6-7 hours. One trick I like to do if I know I'm going to be using it a lot is I have a small, portable battery that I plug into the Glass as I'm using it. You can put the battery in your shirt pocket or something and it will last for a LONG time.

I have an Anker 3000mah "lipstick" battery and I sometimes wear it around my neck, under my shirt like a necklace. You'll forget it's even there! And you can use the glass as much as you want without fear of running down the battery.

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