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Client Mode will not stay connected & AP's all appear encrypted & ...


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Hi All,

I've got the Mark V. I updated it to 2.0.2 and am having the problems below. Today I updated to 2.0.3 and am having the same problems still.

Problem 1: I can get Wlan0 and Wlan1 up and running. Client Mode successfully connects to my own WPA encrypted AP and when I click the Show IP, I do see my internet IP. I turn on PineAP/Karma, and after about 30-45 seconds, I loose the ability to see the internet, even from my ethernet connected laptop. When I click Show IP, I get the error.

Problem 2: Once PineAP and Karma are up and running (albeit for only a short time) I can see in my laptops wireless list, all previously connected APs, but they all appear as encrypted, even if they were not previously.

Problem 3: In the KARMA log, I only see lots of "Aug 24 19:35:53 KARMA: Checking SSID for start of association, pass through linksys". But, I never see any clients connecting....

Any thoughts?

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Have you set up your MK5 AP as encrypted?


I see you like to work in the wee hours... At one point I did have the AP setup as encrypted, (and that was probably when all the networks appeared as encrypted). I've since removed the encryption on that AP because I wasn't able to connect to the pineapple via wireless, I could only connect via the wired ethernet. Turns out, even unencrypted I can't connect to the AP, but I've got to leave that for another day...... Unfortunately, work keeps getting in the way...


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