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cant ssh in a external network


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hello, i have a d-link dir-600 router with access to Internet, i tried to open ports on it so i cant ssh to my computer by another network connected to Internet i tried the option add a server too but when i tried to ssh it didn't worked :( so how can i do it? i tried a reverse ssh tunnel too but still didn't worked. am i doing right the ssh reverse tunnel... example (ssh -R 1100:myexternalip:1100 serverexternalip) i tried too (ssh -R 1100:myinternalip:1100 serverexternalip)

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Woah, woah, WOAH! Hoooold on there tiger.

Don't go running around with all sorts of options for port forwarding and what not. From what you're saying you don't have an SSH connection so -R can't even come into play just yet (this tunnels over the existing connection. No connection -> no tunnel). Let's start with the basics: Making sure you can access the server remotely.

1. Get your sshd to listen on a port you want to access (the default of 22 or https port 443 are common ones). Verify correct operation by connecting using the LAN IP address.

2. Get your router to NAT incoming connections on a port you want to access (22/443/other) to your ssh machine on the port that it's listening. Verify correct operation by connecting using your current internet IP address.

3. Using a device that you know to have full access to the internet (so no proxy, no nothing), try to access your sshd on your current home internet IP address on the port set in the router.

At this stage you should be set to connect to the ssh server from anywhere. Any problems in doing so should now be attributed to the *other* network blocking you access to your home router at the given port. An example of that is my current workspace, where the local proxy only allows outbound traffic to http and https, which is why my home sshd is running on port 443. :smile:

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