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sslstrip & urlsnarf simultaneously [A lot of problems] 2.0.3


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hello, since I bought the pineapple, I had problems using urlsnarf and ssltrip simultaneously.

The biggest problem is that I try to urlsnarf and sslstrip working on different browser tab.
Problems encountered:

1) the "victim" sailing from pineapple lose his connection and have trouble navigating

2) fails to information infusions pineapple and I have to restart to make it work sslstrip / urlsnarf again

With the above compilation of firmware (2.0.2) I got some stability, with earlier versions also had problems, but on occasion worked well.
Now with the new version, 2.0.3 I return to experience all of the above problems.

Anyone feels the same?

For all tests I used pineapple factory firmwares. without changing any network settings.

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I am experiencing this same problem, perhaps someone can chime in?

To provide a little more information

I have the following running


PineAP Enabled

MK5 Karma Enabled

Beacon Response Enabled


wlan0 enabled

wlan1 disabled

wlan2 enabled (connected to my android hotspot) to provide internet.

sslstrip 'on'

and is clearly working as I can see it.

urlsnarf on

br-lan interface.

1.) The internet essentially stops for targeted people when urlsnarf and sslstrip are 'on'.

I tried having urlsnarf monitor br-lan AND wlan0 in seperate tests but again no luck.

2.) SSLSTRIP is working without fail; however when urlsnarf and sslstrip are on at the same time the internet comes to a hault.. and about 30 seconds later

it works again, but clearly urlsnarf is not logging.

Any ideas on how to make the two work together?

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