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Access Point for local br-lan devices?


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Hey guys,

Ive got a MKIV and I'd say I'm very new with linux.

I want to connect through my pineapple's Wlan0/1 and access devices on br-lans network.

Normally this would be fine but the subnet masks for all the devices on br-lan are

My understanding is that those devices ignore traffic if its not within the same subnet.

I want to connect to industrial hardware with br-lan through a switch.

There has to be something I'm missing.

Thanks in advance.

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You may need to setup routing between subnets not he pineapple. By default the subnet is the same on all interfaces int he default configuration. It's all based on OpenWRT. So you can check out the OpenWRT.org site for information on how to configure different routing interfaces.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the PineApple was design to be a Man-In-The-Middle devices. So keep this in mind while configuring routing or your pineapple will not serve this purpose anymore.

Here is a thread we talk about something similar


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Sam, thank you for the reply.

I did a bunch of reading and some testing with routing and ip tables.

In the end, I believe I made a correct change that I'm unaware of, or had a fail moment when i first started.

My goal was to use a laptop connected to wlan0 and talk to devices through a switch on eth0/br-lan.

I am able to do this if my laptop is connected to the pinapple but is in the same netmask as the target device.

This means that i cannont communicate to the pineapple directly, and have to manually set my IP, but that is to be expected.

I believe my initial problem was my VM config on the laptop.

As it stands now, host is dhcp, connected to pineapple.

VM( with commercial software) has a static ip in the range of target device

Wlan1 is client to another wifi for internet

I can capture all traffic, both host and vm have internet access, and the vm is able to communicate with target.

Im not sure if this is usefull to anyone, but I thought I'd follow

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