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Beginner hacker question


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Hello, it is normal for a beginner hacker not understand the whole procedure of such exploits, or wifi hacking and stuff and only know the basics, or even a beginner needs to know every detail? Well, I mean what a beginner hacker must know and understand? Someone recommended me ebooks, websites, or videos or something?

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Hell, I didn't know half of what I was doing when I was starting out. Just following tutorials I guess.
Understanding how exploits work can seem daunting at first, but as you progress, you kinda understand how everything works.
At first you hear fancy words that you don't understand, eventually, you will understand these words and things right away.
One of the first exploits I really started to understand was the famous ms08-067.
It was a one trick pony that worked on most Windows XP computers, and I still run into computers that are vulnerable to that exploit!

But I never understood how it worked.
Eventually I found a paper explaining the exploit in detail, and it's amazing how simple that exploit works.
You can even write it in python if you want!

My advice is, don't think too much right now about understanding everything, just read, learn and listen to everything.
Eventually, you will catch on and understand how everything works. Just work for it.

Books I can recommend:

Python for Dummies
Violent Python

The Hacker Playbook
Penetration Testing, A hands on introduction to hacking

More advanced:

Grey Hat Python
The Art of Assembly Language
Practical Reverse Engineering

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Understanding networking and tcp/ip. Look for a free online books about cisco. They are out there. Learning what is information is in a packet. Lots of fun can be had if you have wireshark. More about cisco or routing for that matter lots of routing protocols require authentication. A computer can mimic a router and send fake updates. On you tube there is stuff, wifi stuff, arp spoof, dns spoof, and more. The idea is to become a better IT person. Learning to block an IP address or port, being able to determine if you have a lecher on your wifi. Troubleshoot problems. Learning about linux and windows helps too. Lots of live cd distro's to play with. Even play with trix box or free switch asterix" voip distro's". Put an fxo port on a router "regular phone port" voip stuff. To play around with in your lab.

Take an old computer put something on it linux or whatever and get going.

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Forgot two books:

Hacking Secret Ciphers with python
A great book to get you started with Python and encryption. It covers out-dated encryption methods, but it's still good.
And it's free online here!

Practical Packet Analysis
A fun little book to solve common problems, understanding how networks work, and an introduction to using Wireshark :)
I also like his explanations, very user friendly book.

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