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[Infusion Idea] Wifi Mac IDS follower


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Hi all,

It would be great to have some to have an infusion that acts as a NIDS but instead of searching for network traces it would be searching for MAC addresses. So it will act as a MacHunter searching for those MACs (clients) that are "jumping" betten diferent WIFIs (SSIDs) so we would have a lot of information about the objective.

A database between networks (SSID and ESID) and MACs (clients) would be very interesting.

What do you think? Someone can build a MacHunter?!? ;)

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its completely possible, you can even set it up with wiggle and and google maps / openstreet map.

You should check out snoopy and creepyDOL.

hey damavox thanks for the suggestion and for the read. I know it´s possible but I do not know how to program it. So thats why I decided to post it as an infusion Idea.

Sounds more like a MAC-Stalker lol

LOL if you write it you can name it the way you want :tongue:

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Good for wardriving .... jajjajjaaj

Good idea .... :tongue:

NOTE: logically should not be difficult ....

.... and then compared or investigate (client and AP ..) connection .....
it can be very interesting ...... :rolleyes:
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