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SSLStrip and Page cannot be Displayed


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So SSLStrip itself is working fine, however, but it causes webpages to have the 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' screen. When I refresh ( Press F5) the page appears, sometimes this does not do it and have to press F5 again until the page finally appears. Is there a fix for this?

Don't look too good when applying this for real!


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Hi Zarabyte - Nope, no arp poisoning. Just a straight forward sslstrip using the sslstrip infusion. Got my laptop connected to the MKV's AP, just a simple setup. Could it be IE? Maybe I should try Chrome/Firefox, and see if I get different results!? What do ya reckon?

Thanks for the reply!

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EDIT 2: I can't even access the Pineapple on a Windows 7 Laptop with Internet Explorer 11 so :B I only have IE on that laptop cause its mainly for playing 1 game.


EDIT 1: Tested against a Samsung SCH-M828C running android 2.2.2 via the phones browser works fine no errors at all for the browser downgrades https to http with no problems on victim side.


Uhhh gonna a few i'll download the infusion and see im pretty sure you need to run a arp or at least a DNS Spoof against the machine.

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If i run sslstrip alone it doesn't show webs correctly, but if i run sslstrip+ettercap both, in ettercap's GUI i can show email and passwords perfectly and webs load fine.

Maybe you should try this.

I ran ssl strip against old Samsung SCH M828C Galaxy Precedent using the phones built in browser i had no problems with sslstrip downgrading https however the problem is most users today use a app to access their social networks.

Nexus 7 2013 tablet using the built in browser sslstrip fails.

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