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Just to be clear - wlan0 and wlan1 jobs


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I know this may seem like stupid question, but I need to be clear on this.

wlan0 is only used for as an access point and wlan1/wlan2 (if a USB NIC is connect) is only used for attacking, deauth'ing etc.

What would happen if wlan0 was used to attack while clients were connected to wlan0?

I ask because in some of the attacking infusions deauth etc.... You get the option of which radio to use, and wlan0 is offered as default.


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If I am right, wlan0 only can use like an AP, of course and as you say wlan1 and wlan2 (if you have an another wireless antenna) should be use to be client or use for deauth and similar actions, no matter if the infusion offers you wlan0 for that, probably you will get bad results if you use wlan0 like AP and to perform attacks. You must use wlan1 or wlan2.

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