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neat idea


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i just got an idea as i was watching 2x03, using a powerglove (or similar device, pererablly more portable, to sense you motion, and make it able to use a keyboard, this is also based off the laser keyboard i saw on think geek, but without being able to see it

i figure,youd press a button to calibrate the system, either WASD and mouse, or homerow, you couldnt really move but you could however, type much more discreatly(such as with no sound) or even, take notes while your laptop is either across the room or closed in your bag.

a few probems i alredy can think of

1.no soldering iron

2. might alredy exist

3.i cant code programs worth a damn

4.need a more portable glove unit

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It is indeed the future of saving desktopspace, but I thing that the technologie isn't so far. Cause when you want to type in the are, where do you find the keys? You can type in the air, but when you move to the left with your hand you should also be able to type in the air i think. So I find it a bit strange.

For those who can't make up anything about what I'm typing here, don't worry, I can't express it that well.

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i get what your sayin, yeah i thoguht about that but then thats why you would incorporate a calibration button

both wii controllers and the powerglovve have sensor arrangements, meaning i would have to triangulate with a diffrent object than that if i were to walk into say, a coffe shop

i guess these product demos seem to make the idea even farther...

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Hmm, that's a good point there. What if it were to project a keyboard onto the wall...and you use the glove to point at the keys? I dunno, i prefer good old qwerty :P

laser keyboard on think geek, but you actually touch the keys.

thats pretty much where i gott eh idea from, but also that you could type without anyone knwing you were typing, hence the reason for a glove, as shown in the article however the systems were larger than i woudl ahve wished, so it kidna contradicts my entire idea of typing discreatly

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1.no soldering iron

Whoa dood u dont have a soldering iron goto walmart know and buy one!!!

(Seriously it will really come in handy)

/me doesnt have one and doesnt have the need for one. But yet again i dont play around with hardware/electronics that much, im more into the coding side of things.

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