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Another customer lost in the shuffle


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I placed an order on June 26th and sent an email immediately following my order to explain why my billing address was separate from my shipping address and received a reply saying everything was worked out and I was good to go. The morning of the 30th I received a USPS tracking number for 3 day Priority shipping. As of today (the 12th) the post office says they still haven't received a package. I sent an email on the 6th and the 9th asking for some sort of information as to why my order hasn't arrived and haven't heard back. I left a voicemail on the 11th and haven't heard back from that either. Beyond calling my bank to refund the charge I don't know what else to do at this point. Any information is appreciated.

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Something similar happens to me:

I placed an order on the 30th (and received the tracking number) with the USPS for an international shipment and the order just displays that there has been a Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, at this point the package hasn´t been shiped. I hope that the order arrives like the web page said form (7 to 30 Business Days). where is my package??! why it isn´t sent??!?

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I placed an order last week, and it hasn't shipped yet... But, I wasn't expecting it to. I knew full well that they were all out of the office for DEFCON. I suspect that ramp up and participation in DEFCON has delayed many small boxes of pinappley goodness from being shipped. They'll find your order and get it to you.

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You will be fine hak5 doesn't scam hang in their give it at least till friday then contact hak5 again. That's pretty much how it go's for a small run group of people alots of meetings to attend stuff they gotta do over worked i figure packages should be shipped out this week and should be at most peoples houses by next week.

I order a couple things a couple days ago they will get here when they get here bought stuff from hak5 before never had a problem

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I have often bought from hak5. The stuff always arrive.

I don't understand why people are making a fuzz.

Hak5 don't scam people.

Hak5 is a small company. It's not amazon or whatever, what do you expect.

I understand your frustration, but causing a fuzz is not helping anybody.

In the end, you will get your stuff or get your money back.

The hak5 team should seriously consider making a forum room for people asking about shipments.

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People are making a fuss because once the money exited your account you want to have something to show for it... ASAP.

In our current society, the P in that abbreviation gets defined narrower and narrower. The assumption is that the packages are on a shelf, ready to go. The transfer of funds should result in an address sticker being printed and all that remains then is for someone to stick that to one of those packages and run over to the postal office for shipment. I'm sure that in the big factory shops (the amazons of this world) this is likely how things are actually handled. In a small 5 person or less shop where probably only 1 or 2 people are working on the shipping and handling stuff and also have to deal with other things during the day, that's simply not a very realistic scenario.

It's easy to underestimate how much work actually goes into getting a box shipped. They try to do things right, but they need to make sure that the funds actually reach them and that the package ends up getting shipped somewhere without issues otherwise the thing gets shipped back, the funds need to be returned to the customer and all expenses go to the shop. And the end result is that it takes a while before your package gets shipped.

I think Temsa's 2-weeks worth of patience is a very fair interval, especially given the tracking id. I wasn't aware you could get a tracking id for a package that hasn't been provided to the post office yet. I would think you should only get the id when the package is actually shipped (the post office may issue it to the shop, but the shop shouldn't communicate it until the package actually gets shipped). It would be smart of the shop to send an email to customers for each order indicating roughly when they expect to ship the package and what risks for delays may exist. This excursion to Defcon is hardly unexpected and they should've made this clear to customers. I think this would greatly reduce the amount of questions to both the shop directly and on this forum about this sort of thing.

I know it's easy to say 'they should do X' again given their relatively small operation, but it doesn't seem like a lot of trouble to achieve this and I think it would really pay off if executed properly.

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EDIT: Never mind it appears my order from July 3rd 2014 i did get an email from them saying the item shipped.

They did say due to fraud they normally hold all orders for 3 days before they ship i should be getting a shipping email possible tomorrow by the end of the day.

I don't believe i've ever gotten a shipment notice in the email by hak5 when i pay with paypal come to think of it i get the email saying i paid but i don't recalled them emailing me and telling me my item shipped not sure maybe if thats because im not registered on that hak5 shop but meh i might see if i can look thru the paypal email and see i think i might have deleted them thou.

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