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[Infusion Idea] Interactive Terminal Shell


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Several great scripts out there that can be used on the Pineapple but using SSH at times can be difficult. Someone recently mentioned using tablet does not lend itself to using SSH. So, what about a bash prompt in a browser? This project appears to be in PHP and Ajax already: https://code.google.com/p/xwiterm/

Anyone have enough PHP Foo to covert it into an infusion? (Sadly,I do not.)

Yes I know you can run commands from the Advanced tab somewhere but that isn't interactive enough to run WiFite...

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With this one there would most likely need to be big fat buttons with some of the normal/well used Shell commands tied to them so that when you want to hit Ctrl Z or Ctrl X you just click the button etc.. That would make browsing and tablet use much faster.

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hey guys while looking around thought some of you would like it


That looks nice but is it interactive? By that I mean if you execute a script does it show you in real time the outputs? If it doesn't then it's just a fancier version of the execute program built into the firmware.

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