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SHH broken


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I re-partitioned my USB so that I would have a larger swap partition. When I booted up my pineapple with the re-partitioned USB it didn't recognize the swap partition anymore. I tried to SSH into my pineapple to see what was going on but it appears SSH is no longer working. It was working before I modified the USB. I tried factory resetting my pineapple which did not seem to work. I also tried downgrading from 2.8.1 to 2.8.0 which also did not work. I can only access the web interface. SHH disables it's self when I attempt to connect with putty (I guess it crashes). Any ideas?


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What is the error you get? When you flash firmware, it creates a new key that you have to accept the new key. It's a security measure for SSH. So if you are connecting from a linux box, clear your known hosts.

If that is the issue, if you read the error message it actually tells you how to clear the known key for that connection.

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I am running windows, putty just gave some generic error such as connection timed out or something like that. I cleared my known hosts and now I can connect via SHH. I didn't think this was the problem because I tried using another computer which had a fresh installation of windows on it.

I still can't install the mitm infusion does it work for anyone else?

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