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[Infusion Idea] WEP Cracking


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Whistle Master i know this may sound kinda dumb but any chance you can make us a WEP Cracking Infusion still alot of WEP networks out their would come in handy would love to be able to use the Infusion in a video.

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Why not use Wifite, or the aircrack-ng suite over SSH? No need for an infusion...

That's like saying why not use the basic tools rather then using infusions.

It would be nice to have a UI to click and fill in for you much like the WPS infusion does for Reaver and Bully.

Some of us use a tablet and its too much of a hassle when you're out to ssh into the pineapple and run commands.

It's all about saving time and i know Wifite is easy to use the fact is an infusion would be faster to access then having to ssh in then run the commands.

I thought about some features would be nice to have different kinds of WEP attacks like...



-p 0841 Attack

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