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My wifi pineapple keeps rebooting after its been on for 2-5 minutes on the 2.0.0 firmware


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so i'm having this problem where when i turn on the pineapple it takes a lot longer and when it's been on for like 2-5 minutes it reboots and it keep doing this :(

Thanks in advance :)

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Do you know how to check the system logs to see why its rebooting?

If you can post us log someone can look at the log and maybe tell you why it keeps rebooting.

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Mines started to auto reboot now after installed 2.0.2 its been auto rebooting for hours now can't really do anything with it i might have to see if reflashing it will help or not.

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I tested it today, like 6 hours, and 2 times service go down:

Fisrt time: I switch on and start all the services that i wanna, next to 3 hours, when i go to access to the pineapple, ALL services was down.

Second time: 3 hours later, i check again and only the Pine Ap services all was down, except Pine AP service (dogma mk3, etc was all down).

And other strange thing its that to many logs of diferent infusions i cant see it or write always nothing....

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didnt put autostart, because in my test dosnt work correctly and no up all the things that i said.

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