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new have never done a hack before and i am corious on how to get started


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Lots of general computer and networking ideas are a good start. Learning about electronics is helpful. All operating systems the ins and outs of windows and Linux and anything else you can get your hands on. Networking protocols addresses. These are just building blocks to hacking.

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A hack is a means to an end, so start by explaining what you're trying to achieve (or, failing that, why you want to learn this).

In case of the latter, I would start with setting up a (virtual) machine at home with the image of a known-flawed install of something so that you can see the hack in action, you can hammer the thing with impunity and you can also see the side effects caused by the hack (stuff appearing in the various logfiles, leftover files, unavailable services, other admin-visible alterations you've made).

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If I'm not mistaken metasploitable linux is a distro designed just for "hacking".

Microsoft has something similar to metasploitable its called Windows XP

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