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mac and essid issue


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I start from scratch:

rm /etc/config/wireless && wifi detect && reboot

On 2 computers, I start airodump, when pineapple rebooted, I can see it:

essid = pineapple5_2925 (is there a way to avoid broadcast this essid when starting with brand new config?)
bssid = wlan0 mac

wlan1 never appears although it shows beeing up through the gui and ifconfig. Wlan0 appears to be down through the gui.

vi /etc/config/wireless

I change the 'option ssid' of radio0 wifi-iface (which is wlan0) from Pineapple5_2925 to Livebox_67e5

I reboot pineapple and the new essid does appear.

so far so good, but now I want to change its mac:

ifconfig wlan0 down && macchanger -A wlan0 && ifconfig wlan0 up
at this point wlan0 does not appear anymore in airodump.

I edit /etc/config/wireless and change wlan0 'option macaddr', I reboot and this time it's pineapple5_2925 which appears again in airodump. I check /etc/config/wireless and see that a whole new config has been appended to the file with the original mac and essid.

1. how to avoid broadcast essid at starting?
2. why wlan1 does never appear?
3. How to change effectively the mac of a device?

thanx a bunch guys !

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