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droid kali fresh install... on board device's and usb...


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I have deploy linux root superuser. Fresh install of kali and apt-get install kali-linux #basics

I'm interested in the wifi device and Bluetooth device.

I have rigged up a micro usb cord to power a usb device. I think I did it right... red and black is power, white and green is data... (the 5th pin I'm confused...)

So from kali. The device has power and data is connected to the phone... iwconfig shows nothing when the alfa card is connected... do I need to do something from the droid os, install aps from googleplay? Or in kali terminal do I need to mount, modprobe? Maybe the 5th pin is not bridged so usb devices are not going to work?

iwconfig shows onboard device. Monitor mode is not supported and the alfa card does not show up.

Hciconfig returns nothing...

anyone have experience?

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edit. also I have not tested any roms. This could also be a provlem... any roms u guys suggest for htc incredible?

Found the edit button. I also need to buy a new alfa card... my goals are to have a handheld linux device with alfa card power... I have 40$ what selse can I buy

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Guest spazi

I believe it's not going to work unless you make a custom rom with kernel drivers for the alfa card.

Look into the pwnphone. It's possible to make it work if the phone supports OTG.

What phone do you have?

Edit. Just read your reply.

I can recommend cyanogen mod. Lots of support on how to compile custom modules.

I bought a second hand samsung galaxy s II to get native monitor mode and packet injection.

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