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How would I go about opening a reverse connection on machine outside of my local network with metasploit?


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Hey, this is my first post here, sorry for the question but I was just wondering if I could get a nudge in the right direction. My target would of course be aware of what I was doing and I would have their full permission but I was wondering how I would go about connecting to a remote host and not a local one as I have only ever experimented with local machines. Thanks in advance!

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Start up wireshark and look at the traffic going between you and your local target as you do your thing. Don't look so much at _what_ gets sent (probably encrypted anyways) but what ports and protocols are used, and who initiates the connection. From that, you can make a list of things that your router should now provide you if you want to do that exact same thing with a remote machine.

So you get something like:

Make a TCP connection from me to target on port 1234. Make sure router allows outbound traffic to port 1234

Acquire shell on target using this connection.

Make target download payload from local machine on port 443. Router must direct incoming traffic for 443 to my local machine.


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