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Mk V seems somewhat s-l-o-w

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I've finally managed to get my MKV up and running.

1. Connected via Eth

2. Setup Wlan1 and downloaded all the infusions etc.

Some I downloaded to internal memory others to the SD card

3. Sometime later I connected my ipad to wlan0 using the SSID Pineapplexxxx

and went to the default IP Address. All is fine.

4. Opened a new tab on the browser and went to news.bbc.co.uk expecting to get through

almost immediatelty - however it took at least 3 mins just to load the logo.

5. My Router is not slow and the external network is good.

The problem is that if I am sitting as MIM, I would expect 'victims' to at least get a decent connection.

Any ideas?


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@Sebkinne - thanks for that - v disappointing. I was somehow hoping that MK V

would avoid having a 3G Dongle or external WIFI Card seeing as the MK V has two radios.

I know that wlan1 is restricted to 11m but I have only one user testing and its nowhere near this

probably about 1K :-(

As an alternate I have a android smart phone which could be tethered but it will only tether to the GSM

and not to wifi

i DO have an Alfa card which would work (would this be wlan2 ??) and use this for client mode??

@thesugarat - Thanks for your note but it actually talks about a new firmware release which my

MK V doesn't seem to want to download !

How else can I ensure that my Karma 'clients' get internet access whilst i examine their innards ??

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The WiFi Pineapple MKV firmware spoken about in that post has not been released yet. It is scheduled for defcon.

The post you mentioned actually does talk about hardware, take another look :)

And to answer your question, yes, wlan2 can be used for clientmode, as long as you have a supported device (see one of the pinned threads in this forum or our wiki).

Best regards,


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