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Impressed and Staggered - Startup Ideas Please?


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Hi Guys

I've posted this here = didn't know where else would fit.

I'm the proud owner of a new Mk V/ Yummee.

After a bit of fiddling about I managed to connect over the ethernet to the box, and set my password,

and configure Wlan1 - connect to my Eouter and downloaded and installed some infusions etc.

Right - I've read through the forum and feel staggered and swamped.

What would you advise a newbie to do to experiment and get to know the capabilities of this

little pineapple? I've got a couple of laptops, one with a fullblown kali on it, a Big Mac OSX, a Windoze 8 tower and 4 x Raspberries each with their ownwifi and also 6 x meshed potatoes - (Look those up - delightful little South African boxes)

So I've got enough of my own kit to test the pineapple out.

I guess I need a dummys guide :-)

Any help much appreciated

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