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Kali on Raspberry Pi B+ wont boot


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Im bringing this thread back to life as I've encounted the same problems again with the current kali 1.0.9 raspberry pi build. https://www.kali.org/news/kali-tools-website-launched-1-0-9-released/

It simply won't boot, the red and green lights on the pi remain static and there is not display output.

I have tried:

Replacing the bootcode.bin and start.elf, start_cd.elf, start_x.elf files which previously worked as per here http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/22573/failing-to-boot-kali-on-b-model-pi - no go.

Reformatting the SD card numerous times with different methods.

Installing NOOBS (basic rasp pi image) to rule out the fact of a dodgy SD card / rasp pi. - Boots fine.

Ive tried installing the image using root@kali:~ dd if=kali-pi.img of=/dev/sdb bs=512k - copies files across but still not booting.

Ive tried installing the image by simply copying and pasting the contents of the img file to the Sd card - confirmed files copied across but still not booting.

Any ideas?

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