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Virtual box and Mac OSX QUESTION

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Okay so i am going to get the MSI GT60 0NF-612US laptop an i wanted to know if i could run OSX in virtual box on it...... I am only asking because when i tried it on my dell inspiron 1545 it said that i had the wrong processor or something so idk if it would work in laptop im going to get or not....

Does any one actually know why it didnt work?

And will it work with this processor? Windows 7 Professional/ Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor

I really just want to have the best of both worlds mac when i need it and windows when i dont!!!! Any help would be apriciated!


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As long as the processor is 64bit, which it is, it should work. The old one probably wasn't, that's why it didn't work. OSX has been 64 bit only for a while now.

Thanks and yea my laptop SAID that it was 64 bit but it only liked to take 32bit programs and stuff and i disnt know that OSX has been only using 64 bit for a while i mean i knew that they were using it now.....


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