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Problem with Python class encoding


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Hi All

I have a little problem...

I have been brushing up on my python coding. I am the first to admitt it not up to scratch, so I have been working my way along a video series of tut, now I am half way along the intermidiate level and now into classes.

I have been trying the following code

class MyClass:
name = "noname"

def Main():
me = MyClass()
me.name = "mr ed"

print "name: " + me.name

if __name__ == '__Main__':
print "test"

Now in Windows using python 2.7.8 , it will print "test", but not 'print "name: " + me.name'

in linux it prints both, but comes up an error saying 'me' is not defined

can anyone point out where I am making a mistake.

Thank you

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Ah ..found it

the space in the line 'me.name = "mr ed" '

delete the space and it worked , can anyone explain why

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If I had to guess, the problem likely had to do with leading whitespace being inconsistent. When programming in Python you should always use an editor that visualizes whitespace so that you can distinguish a tab from the equivalent width of spaces. Visually they may look the same, but to the Python interpreter they will look very different.

I generally prefer to use Vim. The following lines added to your .vimrc will help you out:

set listchars=tab:>-,trail:-
set list

On Windows, I will sometimes use Notepad++. Look for the button with the Paragraph icon. (It looks like a backwards P with two vertical lines.)

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Thanks for the tip sitwon

I am using notepad++ already, but thanks for the info on spacing

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