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New hacker group


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People, mostly new to this forum, tend to keep flocking to this thread.

Please read this post and understand:

You're welcome to try what you want, learn what you want, right here on the forum. There's no need for a special group - the forum *IS* the group.

So you're curious, want to learn, talk to people who know? Just post a question in the Questions section or discuss something you did or plan to do in the Everything Else section. So long as what you want to do isn't outright illegal ("I want to hack this machine on the internet/at school/at work" - illegal. "I want to hack this machine on my local LAN" - perfectly fine) you're going to get answers from people who generally are quite patient, supportive and understanding with people that simply want to better understand or achieve something.

Try it. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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