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Not Connecting to New Pineapple


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What OS are you using?

How are you connecting to the MK5 (ethernet, wifi)?

What is your network configuration (static, dhcp)? Do you have an IP in the MK5 range?

Is the SD card plugged into the MK5?

How are you powering the MK5?

The more details you can provide about your setup the better.

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Similar problem here.

Mac OSX 10.7.something

Manual IPV4 on Ethernet port, broadcast

Internet sharing wifi with Ethernet port

Attempting to connect to http ://

It used to work but now does not. No apparent rhyme or reason. When it did work, I decided to use client (wifi, wlan1) mode instead of wired Ethernet. That was ultimately slow and flaky. Decided to go back to Ethernet cable but now it fails to connect. I have to connect to the pineapple AP to get the pineapple interface but then infusions all hang.

I'm on my third factory reset which resolves network connectivity issues.

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Hi BlackOp,

Sorry that you are having so many issues with your WiFi Pineapple MKV. The WiFi Pineapple running with OSX is a tricky subject as Apple keeps changing the way that wireless to ethernet connection sharing works. There is absolutely nothing we can do about that - they just cannot make their mind up.

In regards to using wlan1 for clientmode, Darren recently posted a thread on the subject. We recommend using a third radio, 3g dongles, usb tethering or ethernet instead, as firmware 1.5.0's PineAP will make heavy use of the wlan1 interface.

To avoid having to re-install infusions, you can just install them to your SD card. On a factory reset, the WiFi Pineapple MKV will restore the infusions the next time you load the webinterface up.

Lastly, to reset the network configuration, you can go into the network infusion and go to the advanced tab. This allows you to reset said configuration. If that doesn't help, a factory reset is your best best.

Best Regards,


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