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Vmware how to add disk space?


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I have a Dell T610 server running vmware that is out of disk space. I have two new hard drives to install. I am new to vmware. How do I get the drives to appear on the physical server and then on the virtual server? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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Apologies this is brief, but should give you the right idea.

1)You may have to go through the BIOS, or onboard system configuration tool to add the disks.

2)Then they should show up as extra disks / datastores within vmware.

3)to add a drive to a vm, right-click the vm.

choose edit settings


hard drive

configure harddrive location, size etc


4)then within the powered-up OS of the virtualised machine, you have to configure the drive letter/mount point.

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Powerdown the VM's and then the esx host

Add the new drive physically.

Boot the machine in bios and check that it recognizes the drive

boot the machine and open your VI client to that machine

Select the machine itself, tab configuration

Select Storage

If the new local storage is not yet visible, in the upper right corner it has a button "rescan all"

This should list the new device.

Adding a new drive to the VM, midnitesnake has that set up.

Or move the VM to the new storage (download + upload)

edit the vm, select the disk you want to extend and enlarge it.

Note, this will not automatically enlarge the disk in the VM itself.

Use diskmanager to enlarge/extend the disks.

On W2003/XP its harder to extend the systemdrive, use Dell's Extpart for that

Pm me if you have any questions

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