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im interested in hosting my own private apache server . And i read about wamp and xampp as options to quickly setting up and getting started . Does anyone have any good recommendations on what would be good to get started with and provides server tools to work with apache ?

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Start with running something like that locally. Feel free to use the simple and easy tools to get going, but be aware of what's running on there, how much of that is exposed and reduce that to the fullest extent possible.

Putting a server online these days is like throwing a new kid into the yard of a high security prison while all the guards are on lunch break. Unless that kid is prepared for what's invariably coming, it'll be torn a new one faster than you can say "It's working!".

Making and, most importantly, keeping a server secure isn't a very difficult job, but it's a job nonetheless and if you want to run your own server you should be able, prepared and sufficiently knowledgable to do the work. Failing this might cause your precious server to be used in some attack which, if you didn't properly secure your server, could make YOU liable for damages caused.

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