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Mark 5 USB to Ethernet Adapter

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This question goes out to Darren and the Pineapple Team.... I seem to remember a mention when the Mark 5 first came out that there would be a USB to Ethernet adapter that would be supported. This would essentially give us two Eth ports again and I'd kinda like to do that... But, I haven't heard anything about this topic since then. Are there dongles that are natively supported? Will the Hakshop sell one in the future? Maybe I've missed something and everyone know this works...



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Great... I've got a Linksys one I tried in the past but it didn't work. Is this supposed to be plug and play ready or do I need to install packages?

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You've known this all along and been using it or just tested out what you had on hand?

Just tested what I had. Somewhere I have a linksys one, but it's probably the same one you have. Goofy little door flip out for the cable that won't hold the cable longer than it takes to turn the laptop around to use?

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Well, cdc-ether is pretty much the most standard USB to ethernet you can find.

I have a few different ones: a lenovo one, a macbook one, some no-name one off of amazon, etc.

They all work without a problem.

Best Regards,


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Ok, I reached into my bag to see what I had and pulled out a piece of unbranded Chinese junk. I edited /etc/config/network adding:

config interface lan2
        option ifname   eth1
        option proto    dhcp

Then I plugged the adapter in to the pineapple and connected it to the router, plugged in my pineapple, and it got an address and worked!

The only info I have on this is Model No: KY-LAN772BL

Are there any plans to update the Network infusion to help with this?

I sure wish the MkV had two USB ports, I had to unplug my shiny new Alfa to test this.

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