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Hardware Hacking.... Where to begin


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I need help because I have no clue about hardware and I would love to learn about it since it is like 50% of the computer field! So if anyone has any books or tutorials or anything to help get me started it would be greatly appreciated. The reason that I am asking is because I have no clue where to start like I said I don't know anything about hardware... I mean I know how a computer works and functions and I can build one but that is as far as I go.....

This is what I mean some one showed me this on my cell phone jammer post and I have NO clue what any of this means!!



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That's an electronics schematics diagram. It uses a standard set of symbols to represent various components of an electronic circuit, and it represents connections between components using lines. (The physical arrangement of the components may differ from the diagram, but the logical arrangement will be constant.)

I realize that probably sounds obvious, but I say that because a good starting point is learning what the various symbols represent. Once you understand which symbols represent which components, you will want to learn what each component does and how it works. After you know what each component does, then you can learn about combining them to produce different behaviors and learn to read the diagrams.

There are books and tutorials and Youtube videos that describe all of this, but personally I would suggest finding a local Hackerspace or Makerspace. Someone there should be able to sit down with you and walk you through the basics of electronics and even teach you how to use a breadboard or a soldering iron to build some basic circuits. It's always good to learn new skills with hands-on exercises.

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Guest spazi

Read electronics for dummies. It's a great book to get you started on electronics :)

Reading schematics is fairly easy, it's understanding them that's harder.

I've been fiddling with it for years and I still don't understand everything hehe

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