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absolutely no support from RadioLabs, need help


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Hi, I received a wifi backfire antenna from radiolabs.com about 8 months ago on Christmas and when I received it the wire coming from the antenna wasnt connected at all, so there was no way to use the antenna at all, I've been trying to contact radiolabs support since december and they still will not return a single email, is there anything else I can do? Any recommendations at all would be appreciated. I would really like to get a replacement or just fix this one, I would consider buying another but I didn't even get to try this out so I don't even know if it is worth it in the first place.


Here is the email I sent them along with the photo I attached



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Can't you simply screw the cable to the plug?

You typically get a few weeks to return an item. 8 months is kinda pushing it, but if it's defective they should help you with that. Find a phone number and talk to a person. It's easier to ignore/miss an email than a person waiting for you on a telephone line.

Make a timeline of when things happened and what you tried to resolve the issue (reattach cable yourself, try to contact them, any replies you may have had, etc. Think trial here, you're presenting your evidence showing them to be negligent while you did everything that one could reasonably expect from you. Malicious or not is for someone rlse to decide, assume simple service desk failure - you'd hardly be the first) as that will help speed the call along, which is in the best interest of both of you.

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