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What laptop to buy


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Hello everyone, I am looking for a new laptop and want to know what you guys have experience with. I am looking for fairly high powered laptop, but not quit gaming caliber. I will be installing some form of Linux on it and will be doing some video editing, as well as coding and general hacking. The specs should include:

13.3 to 14 inch range.

at least an i5 4th gen or i7

at least 6GB of ram preferably 8GB

backlight keyboard

usb 3.0



possibly VGA? not a deal breaker

hard drive not a big deal, probably going to replace with SSD later

light weight/thin

MAX budget $1000

Also I am curious to know what laptops Darren and Shannon use on the show. Thanks for any help!

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I would go for a Mac Book Pro and run Linux on vmware. Also you have the option to boot in to windows. For me it's the best programming laptop, at least for my area (Web Design) and also it's powerful enough for video editing as you want.

If you go to an apple store now you will find all the Mac Book Pros in discount because the new model is coming.

Good luck!

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I wasn't an apple fan but I got a Mac Book Pro... Best laptop I have ever had. I am a .NET developer and run windows 8 in vmware fusion and it runs beautiful. I can bring my computer to work and not have to worry about the charger because the battery will last me all work day. If you don't want a macbook still go with a think pad

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For video editing, figure out what software you want to use and what videocard hardware it supports, if any, and pick a laptop with a video card that can help you here.

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