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Can't use USB camera to put files on CF card


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I used to be able to connect my old Kodka DX3500 camera to my computer running Windows XP and it would turn up like a removable USB device. I could upload to it, and basically use it like any other storage device.

Now I need to put specific files on a CF card, and I wanted to do this through my camera again, and now suddenly it only recognises my camera as JUST a camera. I can access it through Explorer and download pictures from it, but it seems to be read-only and I can't upload to it.

Anybody know how to fix this? I tried googling but found no usefull information in the review/for-sale cluttered search results.

ps. Ubuntu under VMWare recognises a camera, but also only gives me the option to download pics off of it, but not to use it as a removable device - or I don't know how to. Aargh!! :(

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On my Nikon D70 it allows you to set it as a mass storage device or as camera. Have a look threw the options and see if it offers any settings for type of USB device. Or alternatively get a card reader, there dirt cheap and using the camera as a USB device emptys the battery really quickly.

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Thanks for the reply, VaKo. I tried every option at every place I could think of, and still I just couldn't tell XP to leave all the fancy "Want me to get the pics off?"-fucntionality, and just give me a plain old explorer window where I could drop files in...

I needed these files this evening, so getting a card reader wasn't an option. My friend will transfer the files for me now, so the problem is solved for now.

I still hate the fact that XP just wouldn't alow me a very basic, low level connection to the camera, grrr! :oops:

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