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Firmware question


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im using the cm_duck firmware

so i have mass storage and mullty payload

my question :

can i execute them both without eject the usb?

one time using num execute inject1

second time using caps execute inject2

cause when i try to do the second payload the usb flashing red and nothing happens so i need to get it out and insert again.

also is it possible to use more then 2 payloads?

i know there is firmware that can do his but without mass storage


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No, your out of memory! Current limitations of the micro-controller memory capacity.

Sadly, you can only trigger 1x payload so choose wisely.

Thats why its flashing red.

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cm (composite duck & detour) alpa = 1x payload & mass-storage

detour duck = 3x payloads - no mass storage

composite duck = 1x payload & mass storage

you can only have one payload with mass storage - no other firmware exists.

if you want more than 1x payload, detour duck, download from internet & execute upto 3x payloads

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