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I am wanting to get a USB Rubber Ducky but unfortunately, i cannot afford it at the moment. I was wondering though, would i be able to get a teensy 2.0, put a SD card reader on it, and put a USB male to male adapter to kind of make my own, cheaper Rubber Ducky?

I was searching around on the internet and i came across the Community Edition Encoder and Firmware on the ducky website, and i was wondering if i could put this on the Teensy and make it into a rubber ducky? Or am i misunderstanding what the Community Edition encoder and firmware actually is? If one is able to do this, could you explain how you would do it? Do you put it on the SD Card? What do you do?

I am just a little lost when it comes to the whole thing, but I am trying to learn and after a lot of googling, i could not find anything so i figured i'd ask here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Yes you can - use google dork "site:forums.hak5.org +ducky +version1"
  2. (a) No, ducky firmware only runs on the Hak5 Ducky!!! (b) Jason Applebaum (hardware dev) got tied up in NDA's and work. The rest of the Hak5 Team are tied into the Pineapple development. Being a community of hackers, we took it upon ourselves to improve and expand the ducky's capabilities.

Ducky is $40 for complete kit, as opposed to approximatley $30 with the teensy, sd adapter, double male header pins, usb-A adapter.

Also don't forget (from hakshop main page) :

Discounts available for accredited educational institution, government, military and non-profit hackerspaces. Contact Us.

So you may prefer the Ducky?

Also check out the links in my signature.


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Thank you so much for the help. I may just end up buying the Ducky for convenience and to help support such a great community. One question though, do you think it is worth the $40? Because it is a really cool tool, but i don't see really any uses for me other than pranking friends and family, and just proof of concept hacking my own machine.

Do you own a ducky? And do you think you have gotten your $40 worth out of it? If so, what kind of things do you use it for? Sorry about all the questions. I'm the kind of person to get excited about something cool like this, buy it, and not really use it too much. (What i did with the raspberry pi)

Again, thank you for the help.

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I was one of the first to buy a ducky when it was $80. I already had a teensy and arduino, and was starting work on building a smaller form factor of the teensy (rather bulky and looks odd with all the addons), as the weird shaped teensy would occassionally fail. Irongeek told me about Hak5's new ducky prototype and i thought great, someone has already designed the hardware.

I then took on the challenge of reprogramming it for my purposes. Theres a large forum post "how i created firmwares", it wasnt easy, took over 1 year, and i learnt a lot about USB, and more about microcontrollers.

Was it worth it ? Hell yes: ive used it to

* launch exploits against systems in pentesting

* bypass access control restrictions to insert/remove data on protected systems

* social engineering to gain access to a network

* ease repeative tasks

* once i demoed it as a password seed;make stronger passwords if application allows it?

*as a storage device (though speeds are low compared to proper usb storage devices)

I admit its more a tool for penetration testers / hackers (usb developers).

Sidetrack the Pi (i have 3):

* one is an arcade machine - adafruit cupcade

* one is a xbmc server

* last is general hacking about: various sensors, recording weather, gps, motion sensors. wired it up as a basic security camera, etc. Pentesting dropbox for remote hacking (clients permission)

These devices are begging to be hacked...

and always ensure you have legally binding written permission when using them on others. I cannot and will not be responsible for anyone abusing other peoples networks,security, or privacy.

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