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Newbie assembled GPS receiver


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Hi there,

I'm a noob Pineapple owner and I want to do some wardriving with my Pineapple, but I didn't have a GPS receiver until now. I had an arduino (Leonardo) and an Adafruit GPS receiver (http://www.adafruit.com/product/746) sitting around so I wired them up, connected them to the Pineapple, a little bit of reading on the forums here about configuring kismet config and what do you know? I've got a great little wardriving machine.

A couple of things I learnt:

1. Leonardo is on /dev/ttyACM needed to install package kmod-usb-acm

2. Pineapple boots with date 01-01-2014 ( with firmware 1.4.1) so I had to write a script to pull the date & time off the GPS before starting kismet.

Here is a picture




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Great work Kevinnz!

You are correct about the extra kmod. We are actually including it in the next build.

Regarding the date, the WiFi Pineapple MKV doesn't have a realtime clock, therefore the time defaults to 1970. Because this causes issues, we set the firmware to be on 1/1/2014.

Best Regards,


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