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Idiots guide to Upgrading Firmware on a Mac / Installing Infusions.

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First, this requires no terminal or command lines, no infusions installed, nothing other than your computer a little info, the pineapple and unplugging a few times.

I. Set up mac for a direct connection - Copied from notes in "Mac ICS works"

Step 1: Connect MAC wifi to your Internet connected AP
Step 2: Ensure to "Set Service Order" under the Network preferences, put the Wifi above the Ethernet
Step 3: Also in Network prefs set the IP address of the Ethernet connection manually -, subnet is, router is blank, and DNS is
Step 4: Plug the cat5 cable into the WAN/LAN port on the pineapple

II. Follow instructions for first boot on card that shipped with it. - USE firefox if possible,

Firefox WHY? - Per an email from Darren Kitchen of 7/14/14, some browser plug ins' can prevent with the windows in the pineapple showing up properly. I had this issue in Safari a couple times.

III Once you connect and make sure all is OK - then DISCONNECT it and CONNECT the Pineapple DIRECTLY TO your ROUTER. -

This will make your router assign a valid IP address using DHCP to the pineapple, so the Pineapple can access the internet and you can access it from a Mac which is connected to the router.

IV. Determine the IP port the router assigned to the Pineapple. The Pineapple's IP can be determined and accessed by any Mac that is also connected via ethernet (NOT Wifi) - Use a program like iNet or Angry IP which can be downloaded for free for finding the IP.

Another option is trial and error. My DHCP server is set to assign address at and up. Mine for example was

V. With both the Pineapple and the Mac connected via ethernet to the router, use your mac to og into the Pineapple with the IP address followed by :1471

For example

VI. Access the windows for the Pineapple Bar and WiFi Pineapple MK5 to:

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VI: Access the Windows for the Pineapple Bar and Wifi Pineapple MK5 to:

a. update system infusions - first

b. update firmware

c. install additional infusions

Once you have updated the firmware it will blink with a streak of the LED's

When this happens you have to unplug from the Router and again plug directly into the Mac as you did in step II

This will again ask for password etc.


Plug in directly to router to update firmware and infusions

Plug in directly to mac to finish firmware update - enter password , etc.

This will always work - although it involves a little extra plugging and unplugging.


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??? I just plugged in the ethernet cable, flashed the firmware and I was rolling like a wheel. Never had to do any of the above on my mac... guess my computer just loves me!

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??? I just plugged in the ethernet cable, flashed the firmware and I was rolling like a wheel. Never had to do any of the above on my mac... guess my computer just loves me!

Lots of people don't but there is a long list of people who have had trouble getting connecting to the pineapple and accessing the internet with the pineapple at the same time.
Several threads have been started including the one referenced above "Mac ICS works" - but it requires having the WifiManager infusion already installed.
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Just connecting to a pineapple with a mac works 100% of the time. It's the internet connection sharing part that gives people problems. That's one of the reasons the pineapple has client mode now.

Sorry, I guess I didn't explain well, it's the connecting AND accessing the internet simultaneously that bogs down a lot of us :)

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