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Bricked my Mark IV - newbie lack of knowledge/patience

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Hi All

I purchased a mark iv secondhand and over a period of a few days managed to get it working and then I bricked it.

First Session

Powered on Mark IV , couldnt connect

Second Session

Managed to connect - discovered that pineapple had later version of firmware on it - hence why didnt work but did

Third Session

Had pineapple working and configured for internet sharing - tested via additional laptop connecting to it

Fourth Session

Attempted to connect USB flashdrive

tried multiple attempts - followed tutorials including reformating usb several times

Fifth session

checked firmware online ( first successful attempt) and accessing pineapple bar

firmware check showed it was uptodate

attempted again to mount usb -

believed that firmware was corrupt re usb as pineapple would stall with usb connected

commenced firmware upgrade - suspect was impatient -

after upgrading twice - pineapple appears to be bricked

lessons learnt - 1) undertake more research

2) be more paticent

3) have the correct power supplies and leads

in order to unbrick Mark IV

a) do more research on unbricking

b) get correct firmware

c) have necessary software installed

d) have correct power supply available - do not use usb - power adapter cable ( max 100ma)

e) have correct comms gear

re comms gear - triple check connections to use - must not connect power

re attempting to install usb - only do so with plug pack connected

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