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Ever since my dad did system restore, iTunes didn't work anymore. I got this message (see below) so I decided to uninstall then reinstall. I still doesn't work. But it works on my virtual machine on this computer except it can't connect my ipod to vm.


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Look for your iTunes music folder. Rename it. See if iTunes will open after doing that. If it does, it will be empty. You can then close iTunes and copy the contents of your old iTunes music library to the new one.

If I make the mistake of moving the network location of the "My Music" folder, which is what iTunes looks for on my machine, the program will just refuse to open. That's highly stupid programming, in my opinion, because you don't even get the chance to tell iTunes where the folder went.

It also has a habit of duplicating songs here and there. I just cleaned that up on my system last night. Some songs were in triplicate. Has to have something to do with the other computer that I have using the same folder for the iTunes library.

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