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Connection issues: Hidden networks and special characters


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Step one- I'm currently trying to connect the M5 to an AP with a hidden SSID named "hidden" and "5$$" as the password [see below]. Yet, the infusion wifi-manager v1.8 keeps chaining the $'s to two digit numbers similar to this "5$$"=> "53395"

config wifi-iface
option device 'radio1'
option mode 'sta'
option macaddr '00:ed:ed:ed:ed:ed'
option ssid 'hidden'
option network 'wan'
option encryption 'psk2+tkip'
option hidden '0'
option key '53395' ..........should be 5$$

I can SSH, and use the web interface on radio 0 and via etho. Here is the kicker. It works when I set it up via a windows7 machine and etho cable. Initial the settings will allow devices to that connect via radio 0 and access internet from radio 1 even with the pass key visibly incorrect in the Wifi Manager. YET, putting radio 1 into monitor mode and then back to wlan causes the setting to "break". Rebooting the M5 doesn't help.There is no way to connect to the AP without re-config the wifi-manager from scratch via Ethernet cable. Reboot the M5 doesn't help.

I'm sure I'll get this to work better but I don't know what the M5 is doing with the pass key or why I can't comeback from monitor mode using the web interface and radio 0.

Second step-

This should work with a boot command using the dip switches...right?

ifconfig wlan1 up; iwconfig wlan1 essid "hidden" key 5$$ ap co:ff:ee:co:ff:ee

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People talk about things working when they use Windows 7 or 8, but I don't know how that affects the pineapple. I presume you're using either Firefox or Google Chrome, right? It seems there are parts of several infusions that only work correctly with Chrome. So I would say as a rule of thumb, use Chrome when you are having infusion problems.

Since you are using the WiFi Manager infusion, try using the Network infusion too.

It looks like you might have identified at least one bug. See if you can identify the exact behavior and under what circumstances. For bugs in the WiFi Manager infusion, post it in the Mark V infusions forum, specifically the "[support] WiFi Manager" topic, and for Network infusion bugs, open an issue in the Bug Tracker.

Based on your statements above, I suspect that what is happening is that some bash scripting is being used in the infusion and is interfering. (I have not looked at any of the WiFi Manager code, although I have studied the Network infusion code.) In bash (most of the shells), "$$" resolves to the current process id. So "5$$" would be evaluated as 5 + the current process id. I expect the value "5$$" is being saved correctly, but is being reinterpreted for display. So, to continue your experiment, make sure you put the key back to 5$$ each time you save.

If the above is correct, please post back, and post reports/bugs to the appropriate linKs above.

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The network infusion does not suffer from the $$ issue, as passwords / SSIDs are wrapped in single quotes (and single quotes 'glued' together).

Sadly right now the network infusions does not support hidden networks - an update for this will be shipped very soon though.

In regards to your second step - this technically works, but if you configure your network using the network infusion it will automatically join the network on boot.

If you want to switch out configurations, you currently need to create a copy of the wireless file, replace the original and execute the "wifi" command. Again, we are going to build this functionality in soon.

Best Regards,


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Sabkinne/fringes- thanks for the quick responses. I was just about to treat as a bricked Pineapple. You just saved me a bit of time.

Update- Re-flashed the MV and reformated the SD. Did not load Wifi-Manager yet Network Infusion was not connecting the hidden net work(didn't see Sabkinne's response in time.). FYI...the key is never shown when revisiting the Network infusion. Also, If i unhide the Hidden-AP, set the Network infusion, and then reset the AP to hidden, the pineapple will work.... for a undisclosed time. Eventually, It will stop. Probably because I try to use monitor mode most likely..

No promises but I'll work more on the copy-replay wifi config via DIP switches..


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Correct. If you use monitor mode, you will kill the clientmode connection.

This is why we suggest an external USB radio for clientmode - and use wlan1 for anything else.

Also, please note that you have to bring the wlan1 interface down if you are using the mon0 interface. Otherwise mon0 cannot channel hop.

Best Regards,


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so does this mean the network infusion is going to support manual hidden SSID entry along with encryption and password feildsany time soon or do we need to use these config files as a work around?

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