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Teletext Simulator


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I've wanted to create my own Teletext pages for ages and I've never been able to find a decent way to view them easily on a PC (and it's even harder to view them on a TV without expensive gear) so I figured I'd make a Teletext simulator so I can do just that...

Download it here if you wanna try it out... http://www.freewebs.com/5kah/TelSetup.rar

Edit: I've had a report of someone's display going funny after using this but I've had no problems with it. Use at your own risk.

It's not complete yet by any means but it works well enough that you can view pages on it, pages can now have coloured text (and multiple text colours on one line) and it's pretty quick too.



Page 899: Test page, similar to the 'clock cracker' (image from Channel 5 in the UK, Teletext Then and Now).


Page 210: Part of the Podcast and IPTV section, another test page.


Page 201: The first page of the Podcast section. Yet to be completed.

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thats pretty cool, are you going to share the source code of it?

lol I was afriad someone would ask that... it's a *complete* mess but I might release it at some point...

I might give out a tutorial on how to make the teletext files though, I'm kinda lacking on content ;)

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Am I the only person who gets excited when a new TV channel starts up, not because of the shows but to see how they're gonna launch it?

Am I the only person who actually feels kinda empty when a TV channel dies or a long-running service is closed down?

Am I the only person who gets a gut reaction to the BBC closedown in the early hours of the morning?

TV content might be crap but the medium needn't be crap with it :)

I'd love to keep all the old pages, the technical faults, the temporary or test pages... technical faults always get me kinda excited too, I wonder how long the fault can evade the engineers or how long they can possibly last with a whole channel off the air ^_^

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