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deployment and injecting useing a cellphone and scriptiing payloads to deploy from phone with android


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I'm new to the project I was wondering I need help with things I have a samsung moment with 16gb sd card a samsung galaxy centra strait talk with root acess and a 32 gb sd card a htc evo 4g lte with 32gb sd card a nokia lumina 520 and a 4gb sd card and a htc t7 575 16gb I herd you can dual boot with android n windows on that phone iwant to know if someone has made an app for android or windows phone I. Could rite payloads on myy phone and inject them to. Computer to crack windows 7 8 8.1 or any operatiing system I also have a 32. Gb flash drive I want to right or deploy a payload either threw cloud or bluetooth or wifi and alow android phones root acess if this is possiblie to take my 32 gb sd write script n payloads that would back up a entire cellphone wirelessly when I put the sd card in and seperate into 8gb zip files in a folder with the device name and then root the phone when it gets to 75 percent battery and is able of taking entire phones backed up root and restore modify and install like if I want to plug my moment into computer deploy payloads I write on the moment to create any conectin to auto root when the phone is inative for 5 min n has 75 percent batt n if someone plug there phone in target computer the computer re inject payloads to conect via bluetooth wifi 3g 4g or a cable too root and whipe a phone too the root and restore a phone backed up on a hard drive or cloud how would I do this I wish for a simple way too root and back up phones that conect to my computer and have option to whipe and restore from devices backed up this is a lot but I know someone knows how. To do this

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Guest spazi

You should look into Dsploit, Nmap and "linux deploy" to install a second OS. That way you have access to metasploit and other programs used to hack into computers.

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