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CDMA monitoring with wifi pineapple?


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Not sure if it's easily possible or not.

But sense femtocells connect to one's router. I was thinking "Why wouldn't it be possible to connect a femtocell to the pinapple, then the pineapple to the router. And have an infusion running on the pineapple that could gather and decrypt cdma traffic.

I know someone has already done this by rooting the femtocell and so on. But it seems like using the pineapple would be simpler.

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From my understanding once the cell is connected to your femtocell ( or network) you can decide the type of encryption, if any at all.

Now as to rather it has to be done at the femtocell level before it goes out, i'm not sure.

also since the pineapple is starting to evolve into sdr "decoder", GSM can be captured as well. The downside is from what i can tell it takes up to 2tb worth of rainbow tables to decode.


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