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£20 bounty for help with making a script to activate usb debugging mode on my android samsung galaxy s3 with smashed screen

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Hi there

I just got my rubber ducky :) looking forward to playing around with it.

I have a smashed screen on my galaxy s3 and want to retreive all my data which requires usb debugging, I got a script for android debugging on here but was unsuccessful, I'm assuming it's different phone firmware causing the problem. Can any1 help me out please?

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Hmm. I think there is a way to stream what should be on your phone to a PC Screen, the same way AirPlay works for iOS. If you have files on the SD Card, you can just connect it to your PC or HTC Sync and it will do the same job. You don't really need the USB Rubber Ducky unless you need to activate the mount feature.

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Yes. You should be able to get all files with HTC Sync.

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