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weird bug installing DeAuth from PineappleBar


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i recently got myself an alfa121u and made it into a pineapple mark iv with firmware 2.8.1, as i saw some posts with problems in 3.0.0.

everything seems to be working, but i cannot install the DeAuth infusion successfully.

if i try to install it, i get an empty pineapple infusion with the size being the sum of all other infusions, and the remove link also deinstalls all other infusions.

it is only listed in the infusionsList-File by "||usb||" or something similar.

is there an installationlog which i can check?

is the infusion broken?

i tried searching the forum and google, but i always end up at the wifi jammer thread, which seems to have been merged, and has nothing on my problem.

theoretically, can it be that the infusion has been broken by the update from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1?

greets gon


should have posted in the wifi jammer thread


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I guess you could download and install an earlier firmware and see if it works I am on 2.8.1 and I get the same issues that you get and I dont think you will find any logs as it does not install.

If I want to deauth a client connected to a network I use aireplay-ng

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Same problem here, Mark IV with 3.0.0

The link /pineapple/components/infusions/deauth points to /usb/infusions/deauth but the target path does not exist in USB.

Pineapple bar shows deauth installed, but does not show the infusion size.


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I have similar problems.

Switched to a larger capacity USB stick, and could no longer find the old jammer infusion in the infusion bar. Installing deauth never works, as it continues to show up in the bar as available for install.

Ultimately I ended up copying the old jammer infusion from the old USB stick onto the new stick.

My MKIV runs the 3.0 firmware. From what I can see in the jammer thread, it is no longer supported on the MKIV platform.

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