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Rebroadcasting Wifi networks


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As the title said, I want to use my TL-WN722N with a 9dbi antenna connected via usb to connect to a network, and then rebroadcast it using one of the the built in antennas effectively creating a wifi extender. I guess the proper approach would be to connect to the wifi network and then just create an AP? If not please correct me, I was also wondering if I need to configure my TL-WN722N to work with the 9dbi antenna/ through the usb port on the pineapple, or if it would work "auto-magically".

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Hey Siftyy,

This one is easy! Make sure you are on the latest firmware and simply plug in the TL-WN722N. It will automatically be detected and setup.

Next, navigate to the webinterface -> network -> clientmode tab. From there, select wlan2 from the dropdown list and scan for networks.

Once you found a network you want to connect to, type in the password if necessary and hit connect. This will automatically share the internet connection from wlan2 to wlan0 (the AP). If you want to further configure the AP, such as change the SSID and / or add a password to the AP, simply go to the webinterface -> network -> AP Configuration tab. That will allow you to configure all of that.

Best Regards,


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Will this same process work for man in the middle attacks by connecting to a network in client mode via wlan1... and will it automatically rebroadcast the signal to wlan0 (let's say, using Karma and SSLStrip)?

My question, simply put: I've watched tutorials on how to share the internet from my laptop... but what about connecting to a nearby wifi network with the pineapple and then disconnecting the laptop... having the battery pack hooked up... and walking around the public area letting the pineapple do it's thing (with the tunnel to the active wireless network still functioning)... will that work?

I'm new and having a hard hard with this one - I swear I searched through pages on this forum first (and watched hours of video).

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(I mistyped - when I said 'public area' I was referring to a group of test subjects that have consented to such wireless data capturing.)

OK... my pineapple is not connected to my computer via ethernet. I have my laptop connected to the pineapple's SSID (well, now I just connected to the SSID put out by Karma). I can browse the internet (reconfirmed that I AM connected to the pineapple's SSID... called 'freeWIFI'). I am also connected to the pineapples UI and running SSLStrip... looking at the log... I see one entry (it looks like it's from Avast... has a bunch of diamond-encompassed question marks mixed in with letters and number).

I've tried to disconnect and reconnect to various SSIDs put out by Karma... it all works fine... but SSLStrip is not capturing anything when I log into various account (nor is it forcing http on any websites). I'm on a Windows 7 laptop using Google Chrome.

I'm lost, this doesn't make sense to me. What am I missing?

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And now I'm reading, in other topics, that SSLStrip simply doesn't work with many modern browsers.

Am I doing everything correctly... and just limited by new securities? (The tutorial on getting FB logins seems a little, if not blatantly, misleading.)

What about capturing login info from iPads, iPhones, Androids... is that something that'll work with my current setup, or no?

Thank you, anyone, who cares to shed some light on my 3 posts.

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