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How does 3G hack works ? [FREE INTERNET]


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I have seen several people mostly Indians doing some tricks on 3G enabled sim and using internet for free. I am so curious and i don't know where to post. So, I am here to know how all this works.

Some methods i found.

1) Using VPN and proxy software like pdproxy and NMD VPN

I have seen several people doing this. Most common method was to find udp port by pdproxy and using it. That let them use free internet without paying. I have also tried that method and it worked for me too.

2) Changing APN, Proxy and port.

Several people are using this method. I don't know from where they get that proxy and port. But that works for them and i have been researching so i put some proxy of free website that my carrier provides for free viewing and guessed what? It worked for me. But i can only visit http site not https.

However i got High Speed optical fiber that works like a charm. I want to know reason behind all these. How they find such a proxy or apn or port? How to patch them?

Thank you

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