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Request --- Auto SSH Infusion Mark V


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Right got most of this set up and working but i cant get my VPS to talk to my pineapple getting peed of due to the fact i know its something to do with SSH my pineapple can see my VPS because its connected, but my VPS cant see my pineapple also im using a hotspot to connect.

Also have portal-smash running

Any help would be great

Can someone kindly make a vid for me.

Kind Regards


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My "relay server" can't see my pineapple either. It's the other way around. If you have a port forward tunnel connected from the pineapple to your VPS (relay server), just connect from your laptop to that port on your VPS (assuming it's open).

Darren did a Hak5 video (1112) on this.

If you still need help, cat /etc/config/autossh and paste the "option ssh" line here. You should redact your server name/IP. As I've mentioned in another post, I tweaked the AutoSSH infusion to let me use additional options (and multiple tunnels) via the UI.

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Fringes can you send me the link of your post i did see it last week but i cant find it now.

This one I think: > (Since I cloned the system infusion, I had to adjust all the paths too.) This is to add an "advanced" feature to the AutoSSH infusion, it won't help you get started.

Did you get anywhere with your problem? Did Darren's video help? Are you just trying to SSH to your pineapple via your VPS?

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Thats correct fringes my pineapple is connected to my VPS but i cant get my VPS to connect to my pineapple :(

I know its something to do with the ssh tunnleing command i need to do but i cant get it to work



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